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So dear!

We hope you get married once in a lifetime with great wedding pictures. You just can’t overlook your wedding photos as they will be your Sona-Chaandi for your entire Zindagi. Here are a few poses you must try with your bae to capture the haseen moments of your big day.  

  1. The Fairy-Tale Picture

Ahhhh!!!! ? This is so pyaara. Dude you gotta have this lovely shot with your lovely partner. And tip for all the ladies: Avoid your nakhraas and don’t bla-bla in case he spoils your hair or dress or makeup. Make this moment the best moment of your life…

  1. The Royal Picture

How on earth can you die without a picture like this with your partner? How dude? How? This is a must have photo for all the couples. Doesn’t matter if you and your Bae are silly asses & clowns. Feel the royalties and be the King & Queen. 

  1. The Manly-Man Picture

& I shall carry you wherever you need. ️ So travel the world with Hubby 2017 on his back and feel the difference. ?? #couplegoals #mymainisthebest 

  1. The Happy Picture

Happiness is…. to smell you!?!?! Oh no wait!! They are not smelling each other!! – What a dumb observation!!

Correction: Happiness is your mere presence!! ? 

  1. The Bubbly Picture 

Dear future husband,

Just to let you know that you can’t escape my love so easily!! OK. Thanks. Bye!  

  1. The Tussi Na Jao Picture

You need this!! Definitely!! Yes!! You need this!! End of discussion!! You need this!!  

  1. The Kiss Me Picture

26 eternal kisses!! Because it’s a forever kind of thing… ??

*Capture the Chemistry* 

  1. The Hearts & More Picture

So My Darling – Your heart belongs to me and only me!! 

  1. The Rider Wifey Picture

Come baby come!! I’ll show you my riding skills!! Broom Broom!!  

  1. The No More Tears Picture

Baabul ki galiyaaaa… Bla bla bla bla.. !!! Why cry when this is all that you ever wanted? Start your new life with happiness and a touch of craziness, just like you welcome new year with daaru and smiles..

So hone wale Patio & Patnio go get clicked!!!

Image Courtesy: Photography Vendors of Rasmoriwaaz

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