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We all know that kind of guy, who uses iPhone 7, wears Gucci & Armani, drives Mercedes and did his Graduation from London. Wow??? … Nahh… Infact, he truly sucks. And if you really want to see something very diminutive, then look at the tiny mind of this very popular Mr. London Return. Wondering why? Well, we’ll tell you why..  

  1. His Bindass Idea of Arrange Marriage – Jaisa Mummy Ji Kahengi!

So he’ll end up getting married to Sharma ji ki ladki because he is looking for a “Serious Relationship” & Mummy ji thinks Sharma ji’s daughter is sweet and nice. Mummy ji wins!! Wohoo!! His ladla puttar is going to bring home a sweet sanskari ladki who’ll serve mummy ji all day long.

But hey wait! What about his girlfriend who he is dating since last 7 years? Perhaps she is not “Serious” & not “Sanskari” because she drinks & attends late-night parties with this Mr. London Return. Okay!! But since last 7 years? Who are you kidding dude? Grow up…  

  1. His Bindass Idea of the Right Age – “25”… “25”? Guess what that means? Time to get MARRIED. Ting Tong!!

This guy will be into Love|Sex|Drugs & what not dude? What not? He’ll be a total aazad parinda & then he’ll turn “25” – Yes, you’ve read it right – He’ll be “25” years old & suddenly this nadan parinda will tell you that “I want to get married because “25” is the right age & I am looking for a “Serious Relationship”. Since when? Yesterday? & does that mean his junglee jawani is over and this boy has suddenly become a gentleman? Magic!!

  1. His Bindass Idea of a “Helping Hand”

That Sharma ji ki ladki… Do you bloody know uska baap kaun hai? Paisa-Bungla-Gaadi-Ferrari Ki Sawaariiii….. It doesn’t matter if Mr. London Return is already a Millionaire. He’ll always want to get married to that girl whose Papa ji can be a support to his Business. No silly, it’s not Dowry. It’s a small gift from her Daddy & moreover ghar aayi Laxmi ko kabhi mana nahi karte.

So, do-jodi mein ladki bhejo, ladki hui humari? Hainnnnnn?????? – Where did that came from?  

  1. His Bindass Idea of a “Virgin Woman” – Not just Sanskaari but also “SHUDH”

No matter how much hanky-panky Mr. London Return had done but then Mummy ji insisted for a Bahuraani at the age of 25. Damn, this Mummy ji!! But heyyy.. The girl has to be a Virgin, okay? No Second-hand stuff!! So girls, don’t you dare lose your Diamond before Marriage. (Gyaan) Samjhi pagli? 

  1. His Bindass Idea of Being the Boss because he is the Man. So simple!!

Well, this Mr. London Return can’t stand for his Love, for his Career, for his Life, for his Wife or for Himself. But he is the Mard of the house so Raaj kiska hoga rey? Of course usi ka.

So beta, agar mard ko dard nahi hota toh Go!! Go fight for what is right. Because more than the society, you owe it to the girl you decide to spend the rest of your life with.

Image Courtesy: Studio Renee, Jaipur

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