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To cherish the janmo-janmo ka rishta, a honeymoon has become an absolute must. It is the only time for that pyaari-jodi to know each other inside-out.

So save your kisses for your lady in red or your men in black & get trapped inside a dream. But hey listen – Plan toh kar le yaar…  

  1. Tip for the couple- Don’t leave for honeymoon the day after your wedding.

Wife’s attitude – “Ufff tang aa gayi mai in rasm-o-riwaaz se. Chal kahi bhaag chalte hai..” – No girls don’t do this.

Husband’s attitude – “Suhaagraat” – Jaldi! – No boys don’t do this.

You’ll be too exhausted & sleep-deprived after all the rasm-o-riwaaz & you don’t wish to spend your honeymoon snoring in some hotel room, right? So give yourself some break & then fly yourself to the moon….  

  1. Tip for the couple – Don’t be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Unfavorable season trip? – Nahh!!! Sweaty weather or extremely cold weather – both of them is Nahhh!!! – Undesirable!! You’ll miss out on all the fun you could do at that place if you go during the unfavorable season & by the way roz-roz kaun jata hai? 

  1. Tip for boys – Use a Travel Agent.

You “must” consider hiring a travel agent. A lot of people forget things like passport renewal and choti-moti bookings so let that agent do all that stuff for you. Also, not every time your so-called “Jugaad” will work. Most couples just fly away without any planning and bookings and end up in a mess without a hotel room. So hey boys – you must & must & must hire a travel agent. You don’t want your wife to say to you – “Tere toh bass ki hi kuch nahi hai”, right?  

  1. Tip for girls- Don’t carry too much Stuff!

This necklace-that necklace–this scarf-that scarf–this earring-that earring–this dress-that dress – whatsoever dress – anyway your partner is gonna take that off.. So why carry so much?


Point 1 – Remember, boys hate if a girl takes a lot of time to get dressed.

Point 2 – It will be extra mehnat for your husband & it will be waste of time as well if he has to take off from your body all your earrings, scarf, bracelet, sunglasses, necklace, wristwatch, 1000 pins in your hair. Grrrr!! Stoppp that shit!!! Better don’t wear it & make it quick!!  

  1. Tip for the girls – Avoid too much drama.

“Why should boys have all the fun?” – is because most girls just don’t know how to have fun. For the love of God, please avoid all the mellow drama you do all the time on trips.. My legs are paining – I am in no mood for this & that – Let’s just click pictures and do nothing today – Please don’t be a Spoil Sport…& for the one last time we say – PLEASE GIRL!! We can already see your Husband crying…

Now bye – Go do that planning!! & happy journey lovebirds!!!!

Image Courtesy: Candid Shutters, Delhi

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