Most girls think that they are going to look like the most beautiful bride ever. Ever dude ever. & guess what? They end up looking like a total mess.. Phew!! Ugly!! They are ugly!! Or may be they just made themselves ugly!!

Remember: Too much of anything can be harmful. So keep it simple silly! 

Scroll down to know more about the mistakes you should avoid on your wedding day and other Rasm-O-Riwaaz functions:

  1. Be ever ready for Trials, darling!!

Is your wedding a joke? Is your wedding a science project? Is your wedding an experiment? – Hell “NO”! No matter how packed you are with the rasm-o-riwaaz, don’t miss any of your trials – be it with your MUA or outfit designers!! Trials are a must, lady bee!! Also, it can save you from last-moment disasters – Tabaahiii- Boom!! 

  1. Big “No” Jewellery weighing 100 KGs.

You think you’ll look like a royal bride with that 100 kgs of Sona. Fine, you belong to a Moti Party, but babe – Are you a desi cow? Just stop overdoing it!! Most brides wear a maathapatti plus an elaborate nath plus big earrings plus a choker plus long neckpiece – Oh lord I can’t breathe!! Oh lord!!

  1. Avoid looking like a Chamgadar with those dark lips.

If you wear a lip-shade which is tooooo dark then perhaps you’ll look somewhat like a bat. Many brides think that their wine-coloured lips will look bold and beautiful but nahhh!! They look like “Khoonpeene wali aurat”. So Nah!! Nahh to dark lips and Haan to soft pinks, peaches, oranges & reds. 

  1. What’s with your lashes, dude?

Dear Bride, Don’t go for fake lashes!! But if at all you are too ziddi and want them at any cost then don’t forget to choose the right quality of lashes. Lashes may fall with that heat from the Mandap & can actually spoil the rest of your eye makeup. So be wise!!

  1. Avoid Glitter!! Just avoid it!!

One wrong move with the glitter and everything will turn blahhh!! No glitter on eyelids and no glitter on cheeks – No glitter anywhere, dude!! & what are you by the way? – A bumper gift or a birthday card? Brides look their best when they keep it simple. Beauty lies in simplicity and nothing can be more loud than glitter!!

So our dear bride-to-be, you have 3 choices –

  • Be Ziddi & do whatever you want.
  • Eat Badaam and increase your akal in next 20 years.
  • Read our blogs and follow the tips & tricks for a perfect fairy tale wedding.

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