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We all have those kind of parents who used to keep telling us right from our childhood until our wedding day – “Abhi teri umar hi kya hai? Shaadi ke baad ghoom lio apne pati/patni ke sath…” & hence most Indian couples just cannot wait for their Honeymoon because finally their so-called “Umar” has come and they can TRAVEL THE WORLDDDDD……

So dear Mr. & Mrs. Khiladi,

If you are one of those couples who want to explore the world and “Date with a Difference” then these locations are the perfect choice for you: 

  1. Kjerag, Norway


We bet that now after seeing this picture it’ll be one of your relationship goals to have a similar picture on Kjeragbolten (i.e. rock). Kjeragbolten is a boulder located on the mountain Kjerag in Forsand municipality in Rogaland County, Norway. You’ll not want anything else from your Dear Zindagi once you hike Kjeragbolten. And also, let us tell you that a free fall from Kjeragbolten is 984 meters (3,228 ft.). So if you don’t like your partner then just throw him/her away from here :p (Just Kidding) 

  1. Salar De Uyuni, Bolivia



Oh My My!! Let’s get lost in the Kahani Ki Duniya. Salar de Uyuni is called the Biggest Mirror of God & is the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometres (4,086 sq mi). It is located in the Daniel Campos Province in Potosí in southwest Bolivia. This could be your very own Gulliver’s Travels Story…. We hope you write a good one.  

  1. Cappadocia, Turkey



Jaaniiiii… Why so sundar? How wonderful it would be if one could forever get lost in this wonderland? Cappadocia, a semi-arid region in central Turkey, is known for its distinctive “fairy chimneys,” tall, cone-shaped rock formations clustered in Monks Valley, Göreme and elsewhere. Other notables’ sites include Bronze Age homes carved into valley walls by troglodytes (cave dwellers). The 100m-deep Ihlara Canyon houses numerous rock-face churches. So vist this wonderland with your haathi mere saathi & have an experience of a lifetime.  

  1. Horseshoe Bend, Arizona, USA


Horseshoed Bend – a place where Hum-Tum can be an azaad panchi. So dear Hum-Tum hike Horseshoe Bend, which is a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River located near the town of Page, Arizona, in the United States. Make LOVE at Horseshoed Bend & your life will give you a tiny little surprise after 9 months!!  

  1. Costa Rica, Central America


Hey you!! If you are looking for an adventure-beach mix then Costa Rica is the perfect destination for you. This country is located in Central America and it has “wow-so-sundar” mountain top views and volcanic cones in its interior and sun-baked stretches of white-sand beaches as well as verdant jungles alive with exotic wildlife on the coasts. Lord. You’ve got so much to do at Costa Rica…

So once you are done with your Rasm-O-Riwaaz, pack your bags and hit these wonderful places.

You don’t need magic to disappear. All you need is a destination. – Anonymous

Destination Images Courtesy: Facebook Official Pages

Featured Image Courtesy: MJay Photography, Mumbai

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