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So, brand ki dukaan, take some gyaan –

Once you are married then you’ll have to let go of your pink pyjama with holes & coffee stains & also other ugly-fugly clothes you’ve been wearing since ages simply because they fit & are soft. Sad but true…

Remember – Not all expensive things are good and not all good things are expensive. Scroll down your screen to know how you can stay in style on a budget after your shaadi. 

  1. Go for basics

Basic T-shirts are never out of season and are our favourite piece of clothing – Forever wala Ishq!! They are so adjustable like all BahuRaanis – & by that we mean that you can wear them with anything and everything like jeans, shorts, skirts or palazzos, plus they are affordable. Yayy!

Where to buy? – All essentials with good quality & price (approx. INR 600) can be found at UCB & H&M stores. They have a wide range of colour options and they also introduce new colours every season.

  1. Punjabi Juttis

Ditch the stilettos and sandals abhi ke abhi & save your love for Punjabi Juttis. Simple & colourful – Punjabi Juttis are never a fail. They are very comfortable & their price is just Nothing ke barabar. Isn’t that wow? & no matter what kind of dress you wear, you will easily find the matching pair of juttis. There is absolutely no chance for you to go wrong with them Jaan-E-Mann.

Where to buy? – You can get your very own Punjabi jutti online or from flea markets or other branded shoe stores like Delco. Flea markets have a vibrant collection of juttis & their price range starts from INR 200 & you can’t doubt on their quality as well.

  1. Junk Jewellery

Nothing can add oomph to your wardrobe like jewellery. They can dress up an otherwise colourless & boring outfit without burning a hole in your pocket. & aajkal who wears sona by the way? – So go get some junk & let it make a statement about your Estyle!!

Where to buy? – Flea markets – cheap & best (Price range starts from INR 10 ?). Other than that, you can also get it from Lifestyle exhibitions or online. Moreover, H&M, Forever 21 & Westside are also a good option & are affordable too (Range starts from Rs.100) – plus their stores are in all major cities.  

  1. Scarves or Stoles – Bahu, ghoonghat kar leeee…..

Scarves are so bloody cheap & look super stylish and yet they are the most neglected accessories. Why you no wear a scarf? Why Pushpa? Why?

Did you know? – You can do so much with that one piece of fabric… There are over 25 ways to wear a scarf. So for the love of Basanti – go get one now!! Go!! Shuu!! Hurrr!!

Where to buy?– All clothing stores, fairs & exhibitions, online stores or  flea markets.. Price range starts from INR 50. & remember – just because they are so cheap, doesn’t mean that they are  ewww…!!

  1. Skirts

Full-length skirts paired with basic t-shirts or shirts or collared short kurtiis are just too good yaar. It is neither too casual nor too dressy plus skirts let you look stylish yet all covered-up.

Where to buy? –Ethnic wear stores like Biba, W & Sabhyata have some amazing collection of skirts & their range starts from INR 700. Wowowowow!!

—————–     The End     —————–

 Image Courtesy: Himanshu Panchal Photography, Ahmedabad

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