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Have you ever been in any of the awkward situations at a wedding when some kid called the Bride – “Aunty” or when he disclosed to everybody that he saw the bride with another man alone in the park? & to top it all he added – “Mummy Kasam” so that there was absolutely no chance for anyone to not believe him.

So if you don’t want that to happen at your own wedding – on “The day you’ve been waiting for all your life”, then here are a few things you could organise to keep the bees busy –

First of all, organise all the kids activities at a khaas separate corner at the wedding so that the little devils and angels don’t keep running all over the place and spoil Sheela ki Saree or Mummy ka Makeup.  

  1. Let’s swing

Munna: Mummy, jhula!!

Mummy: Na Munna!!

Munna: Mummy, free!!

Mummy: Jaa Munna!!

So let there be some jhulas for munnas. No Maa would say NO to free things and services. Try having a few swings at the wedding. If not a few, then just 1 Mickey Mouse on which these brats can jump for ghanto would also do.  

  1. Life is all about using the whole box of crayons

Just get some crayons and colouring pages for the bache mann ke sache. That’s all. Half of your problems will be solved. We all know how much the bache love the colours.

Don’t agree? Well, then try giving a kid your lipstick and look what happens. Boo!!  

  1. Kids Food Station

From Buddhi ka Baal to Chocolate candies and Ice Creams, from Nutella Sandwiches to Pastas and Pizzas – Let them eat next 4 saal ka khaana dude. Just let them…. Fart! Fart! Fart! Who needs crackers?  

  1. Baby Sitters

These people are god. Just worship them and pay them well. Dude it’s very important that to hire someone to watch over the kids. These God-like people will not only keep an eye on them but will also organise some more fun activities to keep the kids happily engaged. Like – Narrating them a story, organising little competitions for them like: Joke competition (Lord Kill Us) and many more like dancing, singing and blablabla…. You can actually deal with these kids FREE OF COST by doing this bit. So hurry!

  1. Bhai 1 Projector, Cartoon CDs, Pillows and Mats!

Let them watch their favourite cartoons and let them have some silly laughs. Let them get tired with their silly laughs and let them sleep.

Let there be a peaceful wedding…. 🙂 🙂

Bas aaj ka Gyaan itna hi! THE END

Image Courtesy: Image Outlooks Photography, Indore

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