Planning budget- the most difficult task for a wedding!


Planning Wedding budget is the important task for your wedding and sticking to it is the trickiest one. There are many last call expenses from which you can’t escape. Therefore the following points will help you to prioritise your needs.

  • Plan your Budget and be aware of the limits: 

Before you start planning for your wedding, make sure you have an overall idea of how much money you could actually spend. Involve your family and discuss on what all expenses you have and keep a track of it. This will also help you to remember how much you have already spent and what all could you cut down as an extra expense.

  • Shopping before season:

Buying a Cinderella dress for her big day is every girl’s wish! Try this smart trick – start your shopping in off season, you would get the best collection to buy in comparatively less rates than in the wedding season. Not only the dresses, start shopping all your wedding stuff along with the return gifts and gifts to be given in your spouse’s family.

  • Manage your Guest list:

Prepare a list for all your guests whom you plan to invite in your wedding reception and ask your spouse’s family to share the same list with you. This would help you to have an estimation of how many guests would be attending the reception and you could even cut short your guest list as per your budget. Also, maintain another list for the family members or friends who would be a part of other marriage rituals.

  • The Venue:

While booking a venue, keep in mind the season in which you’re setting the ceremony. If you shift your wedding date in off-season, you could save a lot of money on the venue. Make all the bookings for travel, hotel, venue, etc in advance to save the extra costs.

  • Spend cleverly on Jewellery:

We spend a big amount of money on wedding jewellery, which should be managed carefully. Go for a wholesale jeweller or a small jewellery shop rather than the designer stores, as you can save the making cost of jewellery. Visit a specialized jeweller shop for buying similar type of jewellery like gold jewellery, kundan, platinum jewellery, diamond, etc.

  • Shop around:

Don’t stick to the vendor where you’ve first visited. Search for more and more options for booking or purchasing wedding stuff. Look around for new deals and better options. Compare the prices and overall budget, then shop! Explore other options so that you could get the best quality in best prices.

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