Superb tricks to get beautiful pictures on your wedding


The shopping list for a wedding  is endless, right from your jewellery and footwear to your outfit to make it grand and the best event of your life.

Did you just forget about your look for the wedding?  You guessed it right, your wedding clicks and your perfect look for the wedding. Don’t panic, we have some great tips which will make your wedding album a beautiful memory.

  • Try and click a few selfies of yourself and then analyze which side of your face looks good in your pictures. Some people look beautiful with the left side of their face and some look good with the right side. I personally feel that the left side pose appears to be more attractive.
  • Always strike a natural pose in your wedding pictures to look more gorgeous and confident. Side poses make you look slim in your pictures. Never look straight into the camera posing a front pose, and also don’t stand very close to the camera, it will make you look fat.
  • Go light with your makeup that means heavy base will make your face shine when your flashlight reflects shine on your face and makes you look mature in your photographs.
  • Double chin is nightmare for any women so to avoid your double chin in your wedding pictures always tilt your head just to get your perfect click.
  • Always click your pictures in the perfect lighting, stay away from bright light otherwise it will highlight your dark circles.

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