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Marriage = Photo shoots + Honeymoon + Shopping + Parties + Dinners + Movies + Love + Gifts

Yayyy!!! Let’s do this shit…

No silly… This is not how it goes…

With marriage come responsibilities. Yes you’ve read it right – Big Big responsibilities which require commitment and understanding, which we know you don’t have because you are a “Baad mei dekhi jayegi” types person. That means you are stupid.. Emm.. Or Ignorant.. Or whatever!!

You do have the Right to Information and should do some “serious talking”. You should discuss some serious issues which may initially not look so important but can cause big troubles later. So make sure you “seriously” do this “Serious Talking” – 

  1. ApnaSapna “Money Money”

If you are a working woman & don’t want to give up on your job after marriage then make sure you clear this point with your honey. Also,

Point 1 – If you want to share a part of your salary with your mummy-papa then do tell your in-laws in advance. Now don’t ask KYUN with that donkey face of yours. Just do as we say.

Point 2 – Discuss with him of how you both will share all your expenses & talk about the issues regarding the Savings too.

Even if you are not a working woman do sort out the Savings Issue with your man to make sure your honey doesn’t spend all the money on Daaru & Play station &&&..& some more Daaru & Play station. 

  1. Living with your in-laws

Note – There is nothing to discuss about it. It is just a Gyaan –

If your in-laws wish to stay alone in some other town then that’s totally cool. But if YOU have objections to live with them in the same house then you are a Bad bad woman. Understand the fact that old people need only love & care. Learn to love them & we are sure you’ll find heaven. C’mon don’t be a Chudail! 

  1. Mai tumhare bache ki maa banne wali hu

Oh well!! You may make your Pati happy by sharing this news but this may also give him a heart attack. Moreover, don’t plan for a baby because Mummy Ji wants to die apne pote ka chehra dekhke. It doesn’t matter if you are or not an “Aww-Baby” types person – You must “Talk over it” before your shaadi vaadi.  

  1. Rasm-O-Riwaaz – Rehna, Khaana & Peena

Bahu, tum chicken khaati ho?, Bahu, tum puja-paath nahi karti?, Bahu, tum Suit nahi pehenti?, Bahu, tum daaru baaz ho? Bahu, bra jitna chota top? Heyyy Ram tumhare sasur ji kya sochenge…..

Just clear all this dude – just discuss your lifestyle & tell them all the shit you do.  

  1. Health is wealth

We have seriously come across with women whose husbands died because of the health problem that has been continuing in the family since ages. Make sure to discuss the family medical history because no pandit or baba can save you later. Love is one thing but dude health problems – No dude – You can’t afford to ignore them!!

So girl, we hope its all clear to you? Right Girl? 

Image Courtesy: Preach Art, Ahmedabad

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