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Wedding is something which is always on the mind of most Indian girls. And finally, when an Indian girl’s wedding is done pakki then suddenly a pagal aatma enters her body and she looses all her senses. But listen ladkiyo – your khushi and pagalpan is acceptable only until they are not affecting your job. You really need to focus on your work. How? That’s how —-  

  1. Keep your boss informed beforehand

Let your boss be informed about your marriage way back in advance so that he can allot all your work to somebody else on the days you’ll be busy with the rasm-o-riwaaz of the wedding. Moreover, later there’ll be no gaali-galloch between you two in case he doesn’t give you any off.  

  1. Don’t discuss your wedding all the time at workplace

Remember that you are a smart independent working woman. Not the self-obsessed stupid girl who keeps discussing about people and shopping all the time. Remember girl.. Just remember…  

  1. Stay organised

So lazy bee.. You just can’t keep delaying your work to kal kal and kal… This so-called imaginary kal will never come. So start today. It is obviously difficult to manage all the shopping and in-laws ke ghar aana-jaana. Wedding is a grand affair so make sure you stay organised and make a checklist for all the things you need to do to avoid any sort of mess later. But remember your job comes first. Any laparwaahi in the work can lead to a huge loss to your firm.  

  1. Invite “all or none”

Listen you have to start your new life with wishes and blessings from colleagues. Don’t waste half of your time in noticing your colleagues and thinking whether you should invite him or not? Don’t be such leechad and have a chota-dil. Thinking all the time about who to invite and who not will lead to stress and tension and your beauty will be affected. So choice is yours darling!

  1. Connect with your colleagues

So dukhilaal if you want to be sukhilaal then you better be nice to your colleagues. After all there is an old saying – “Bure waqt mein toh gadhe ko bhi baap banana padta hai”. Who the hell will do all your work in your absence? Of course your workmates, right? So be nice to them silly… Don’t be a chudail..

So dude, make sure you keep these tips in mind to avoid a dimag-kharab zindagi.

End of Gyaan!

Image Courtesy: Retrospection Photography, Hyderabad

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