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Better call it Two-Gather-ness @ Merry-Age! Ya.. that’s what it is! And it’s not just about the good old “Being at the same Geographical Co-ordinates”. Period. It’s about the Happiness Quotient shared together.

There are ‘n’ number of Family members/ Friends/ Event Managers to make your Dreams_come_true Wedding Day. But what after the #HappilyEverAfter…or #Once-in-a-Lifetime-Click moments are over? It’s time to get on with the real life. Yes ! The real journey begins now!

So… All set with your workplace transfer applications approved or made suitable career pathway to flow in sync with Family.  Got New Address and trying to get along – with the New Identity, New Family members and New house-help too!!

Gradually the schedule starts and sometimes you wonder – Is this the so called Togetherness? Kindly reset your dream world settings and just look at things with a different perspective.

Togetherness is:

  1. Not just about U n I

It’s about U-n-I-ty in diversity. It’s about maintaining a harmonious atmosphere at home and respecting the differences.

  1. Not just about looking AT each other

It’s about looking FOR each other. Taking care of each other’s choices and preferences.. including Fan speed and AC Temperature !

  1. Not about being PERFECT

It’s about being content with imperfections.  After all, we are not programmed devices. We all are just human beings – learning to live together..

  1. Not about being a CHEF

So… what’s the point in expecting Rotis/Chapatis to be made with a precise diameter, pre-defined thickness, roasted with particular browning levels? No way…

Look at His/Her affection that reflects in the amount of efforts he/she lovingly made to keep your tummy content with Ghar Ka Khana.. Yes… cooking is a Life Saving Skill that everyone needs to learn.

  1. Not about being a Finance Manager

Oh Ya.. That’s the field that goes beyond budget in the beginning, however hard to try to manage. So just let it be. Gradually you both will have to learn to strike the balance – just like learning a bicycle. Just go slow and redefine your priorities.

Allocate funds for routine n occasional expenses and kindly leave the Savings and Investment Portfolio to be discussed after a year! These golden days are NOT going to come again.

So… all said and done! It’s basically about ‘Surviving Together Happily…’ and ‘Creating Memories Together’.

Stay Blessed with joy of good health and harmony… Remember.. it’s just the Neev (Foundation) of your Life and NOT the entire building. So Don’t Review… Just let it be.. and keep creating…

It takes years and decades to make a Perfectly Imperfect Unique Home out of a House.

Image Courtesy: Shreeja Photography, Hyderabad

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