• Destination Nuptials

This is the most exotic and tempted way to celebrate your D day! You could certainly have a traditional vacation with your family and friends. You could plan something different from those old traditional wedding rituals which sometimes feel too boring. You could also have a life time memory of getting married at your dream vacation spot. So why not go for it!



  • Lighting:

According to some of the wonderful wedding designers “this is the most important part of a venue; lighting adds life to a wedding”. A new trend of romantic mood would be followed this season. For the romantic touch, these designers prefer using more pendant lights amid vintage and modern chandeliers, bare “Edison” bulbs and candelabras for a soft glow. Lanterns could also be used to give a vintage/traditional look to the wedding.


  • Metallic Colours:

Metallic colours are now a day’s trending all over the world, from the costume to the decoration metallic would be the love of every wedding couple this season. These colours are versatile and could be elegant, delicate, whimsical and even look quite natural. Designers across the country prefer gold for everything from table linens to venue and theme.

  • Colourful Flowers and Non-Floral Centrepieces:

It is important to make sure that the florist is well aware of the religious significance of flowers. For example, the Marigold is propitious in Hindu wedding but is not in a Muslim wedding. Inspirations could also be used from the bridegroom costumes and their embroideries and embellishments. Flowers like Lily, Roses, Orchids and Marigold could be used for decoration and bouquets. Non-floral pieces like potted trees, decorative leaves, lavender sprigs with glimmer jewels and paper flowers would be a highlight this wedding season.


  • Ritzy Invitation Cards and Funky Fonts:

Shimmer, glitter and sparkle are always the high shine for everyone. According to designers, the most requested shades for this wedding season would be copper, gold or other metallic shades. Shimmery papers, foil-pressed letters would also be a trend this wedding season. Wedding paper divas say “Multiple fonts used in invitations reflect fresh personalities”.


  • Wedding Cakes:

This wedding season, the designers have come up with new trends for wedding cakes like “bigger the cake, is better”, “naming and numbering on cakes”, “metallic shades”, “ivories and whites”, “mini individual treat”, “the bride and the groom cakes”. So let’s wait for the new mouth watering ideas this season.


  • Music and Dance:

The most entertaining part of a wedding is preparing for Sangeet, grove on your favourite steps during Baraat or Reception. Soft and romantic music would be a trend for sophisticated weddings whereas; loud and rocking music would be the first choice for Bollywood lovers. Inviting Bands and Cabarets would also be seen in style.

  • Photography:

Capturing the beautiful moments for lifetime could be a best thing one can have. The photography trends would include pre-wedding, post-wedding photo shoots, wedding functions shoot and bride groom wedding shoot. To add some glamour, couples even fancy for destination pre-wedding shoots or some favourite spots.


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