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Well, no Indian wedding is complete without the Desi Indian Aunties who try indeed their level best to look sophisticated but who can help it dude? Who can help it? Habits can’t be changed after a certain age. So it’s all cool. Mummy Ji’s you all rock!!! 

  1. The Same-Kapade Wali Aunties

Aunties of this category spot every other Eena, Meena, Deeka wearing the same outfit at the wedding as their. So they’ve got fans, huh? Well, not really! We know they all got their outfits from Chandni Chowk ki Galliyan….

“Madam ji yeh wali Dress le lo lakhon mein ek lagogi” – April Fool!!! & they become the Bakri every time!!

Then such aunties do 3 things at the wedding 

1- They keep running away from the other aunty who is wearing the same dress so that nobody could say to them – “Oh look! She’s wearing the same dress.” :O

2- If somebody makes a comment like that ^ for these aunties, then they find 1 teeny-tiny reason which makes their outfit different. Like – “Uske Border pe Stone kaha hai… Mere pe toh hai.. Dekh! Dekh! Dekh na!! Dekhta kyun nahi hai?”

3- The 3rd type of aunties are the ones who get too excited to see the other aunty wearing the same outfit, that they somehow get the “Apnepan ki Vibes”. They would happily approach the other aunty and ask – “Arey! Aapne bhi yeh Saree Kalindi Fashions se li? Kitne ki li? Haan woh rate sahi lagata hai.. Hum toh 25 saal se vahi se le rahe hai.. Mere Mummy ji Daddy ji sab… &&&&&&&& there is no full-stop to their non-sense conversation and they find a best-friend. How nice! 

  1. The Rishta-Dhoonde Wali Aunties

This type of aunties will look at the chappa-chappa of the wedding so that no handsome boy or beautiful girl could escape from their eyes. Afterall, they have only few hours to find a perfect match for their bunty or babli. Plus, they’ll make their bunty or babli look super duper good-looking and sophisticated and tameezdaar and everything that one looks for in a perfect partner. On the wedding event they see their bahu and damad in every other ladka and ladki. How weird!

  1. The Shame-Shame Wali Aunties

 These are our personal favourite aunties. These are the ones who just keep saying “Haww! Shame-Shame!” to everything and everyone at the shaadi. Short dress? Dancing with boys? Red lipstick? Not saying Namaste Aunty ji? – For them, everything starts at “Haww-Shame-Shame” and ends at “Haww-Shame-Shame”. How lovely! 

  1. The Khaane Wali Aunties

These aunties are like Camels. They eat next week tak ka khaana at the wedding. They can actually store food in their bodies. They are so talented. Also, they make sure that all her ghar ke bande has eaten enough food so that unka Sagan ka Paisa don’t go waste. How leechad!

  1. The Dancing Aunties

These aunties are always on the dance floor with their 500 kg ki bodies & the handsome DJ wale Babu. They keep pulling everyone on the dance floor with their typical dialogue –“ Mrs. Sharma  aao na!! 1 thumka bas 1 thumka!!!”. These aunties are the Jaan of the wedding. How wonderful!

So, which one are you by the way? 😛 😀

Image Courtesy: Bobby Sharma Photography, Chandigarh

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