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Well, most of us get the choice to choose our life partners but sadly not the mother-in-laws…. But dude! Not all lady drivers and not all mother-in-laws are monsters. It’s just a myth and even if she is a monster then dude there are end number of ways to deal with them. We’ll tell you how!! Just scroll down the screen to read more… 

  1. The Pota-Poti Maangne Wali

This type of mother-in-law don’t want anything in her life except for her Pota-Poti.. All she wants from you is a “Bacha” and thats all. She would be the one who would keep screaming in the entire house with her typical mugged up dialogues like – “Hey Bhagwan!! Kahi main apne Pote ka Chehra dekhe bina hi marr na jau” or something like – “Hey Bhagwan!! Mere naseeb mein toh pote ka chehra dekhna likha hi nahi hai”.

What to do? – Just make your mummy ji understand about your life goals and inspirations. Try explaining her things like a best friend. If still not –Let her say whatever she wants. Just don’t care about it – if still not – Then de de yaar!! It is just a Baby Boo after all!! 😛 

  1. The Maa-Jaisi

This type of mother-in-law is the one who perhaps never had a beti or behen or a girl best friend in her dear zindagi. She will give you all the love and care in the world. You’ll always be her “Laadli Beti” not the “Laadli Bahu”. She wants to explore the chapa-chapa of the city with you. Every second day she would pick you up and will take you out for lunch, movies, shopping, sight-seeing & what not dude? What not? And then you get a notification on Facebook – “Chilling with Bahu-Raani at Social”. Ohh mann!!

What to do? – Consider yourself blessed that you’ve got an angel in the form of a mother-in-law. But perhaps you may sometimes feel that she is too much… Just too much into your life but that’s okay!! Let it be. Let her have all the fun with you. Try seeing things from her eyes and try to be her Sachi dost. Pakki wali.!! Just after a couple of months she’ll be tired of this ghoomne wali zindagi. So let time play the game!  

  1. The Taunting Monster

This is a dangerous category – The real monsters. She would be the one who would always sit on your head and criticise. Like – “Saara din phone pe lagi rehti hai”. And when you drop your phone – “Saara din velli baithi rehti hai”. And when you do some work – “Saara din kaam karti rehti hai – bahu hai ya labour?” So so so.. this mother-in-law has something to say about anything and everything.

What to do? – It would be better if you find some work for yourself. There are end number of jobs available for women who want to work from home as well. These types of in-laws are hard to tackle. So it would be better that you just be busy in your own kaam and then eventually she would start minding her own business.

  1. The Gossip Queen

She just needs someone who can listen to her “be-sir-pair-ki-baatein”.Why is Bubbly badmash? Why is Sheela jawan? And why the hell is Munni Badnaam? – She wants to talk about all sorts of non-sense in the world.

What to do? If you want to stay sukhi then just remember 1 thing – “Haan mein haan milana”. Say yes, to all that she says or lend her your lovely ear or buy her an iphone. Let her talk to Siri and you are all set. Wohoo!

End of Gyaan!!!

Image Courtesy: A Big Indian Wedding Shooters, Agra

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