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Shaadi in Hindustan is not just a union between a man & a woman, but two big khaandaans – each with atleast one dozen members. And what if you marry somebody from all together a different culture? Wow? The More the Merrier? Well, Not Really!!

But here’s what you can do to protect your love paradise.. 

  1. Show interest in rituals of in-laws. 

Don’t be a spoil sport & show interest in their festivals, cuisine, language & culture. Don’t be like – “Chal pagal bandar family!” They perhaps may look like one to you in the beginning but gradually you’ll become one of them too. So, be happy with the transformation!! 

  1. Don’t ever argue about their faith & beliefs.

Faith & beliefs are jaan se bhi pyaara to some people. So make sure you never ever pick up an argument with them regarding this. 

  1. Ask your partner beforehand about your hone wale in-laws’ likes, dislikes & beliefs.

Samajhdaar is the one who remains informed beforehand. So take out all the possible information about your in-laws from your darling baby & get ready to be sabse pyaari sabse nyaari bahu humari. 

  1. Celebrate festivals of both cultures after marriage.

There should be no lack in Jashn Baazi in any of their festivals from your side. Perhaps you’ll fall more in love with their culture and traditions. Perhaps you’ll think – “Oh man!! Where were these people since all these years??” Oh man!!  

  1. Don’t say No to their Food because Food is Pyaar…

Don’t act like a 4 year old & eat everything that gets served. Also, make an effort to cook food of their culture & show them your haatho ka jaadu. Aim to be the bahuraani with no nakhra. #idealbahuraani

  1. Be positive & open-minded.

Everything in the beginning may be like – “Kya? Kyun? Kaise?” But let it be. It will take some time for things to work out in everybody’s favour. Don’t be one of those crying aatma who see bad in all things. Just stay calm and positive. Good things take time.

  1. Be open to compromises once in a while. 

Try not to be a ziddi begum & learn to compromise. Remember that adjustment is the key to a perfect life.

Warning: 24*7 Hanji Mummy Ji, Hanji Papa Ji is also not the right thing. If it becomes a habit of your in-laws to not adjust with anything then remember that it is TIME FOR SOME SERIOUS TALKING.

Keep these “Ahh!! So good Tips” in mind,

Happiness surely you will find.

Just act happy & kind,

& leave all the sorrow behind…

Image Courtesy: Alif Studio, Indore

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